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You are invited to join us in Denver, CO on Aug 19-21, 2019, for Pulling Back The Curtain III.

This intense teaching day features 6 national speakers who are succeeding in property management each and every day. Come learn from the best in the industry as they 'pull back the curtain' and share how they do: marketing, social media, new client acquisition, profit centers, client management, leading employees, and more.

Want more? Day 2 is an an optional implementation day where you get face time in a small group setting with your choice of speakers.

Dave Borden

Using Content clustering on your website to dominate your market.

Dave Borden

Dave Borden Background

Learn exactly how the top property managers use content clustering to dominate their markets and receive most of the leads in their markets.

Mark Cunningham

Finding, Managing and Retaining Your Team

Marc Cunningham

Website Background

A big part of your company success is dependent on the people on your team. Marc will share how Grace Management has attracted and retained PM rockstars.

Abi Wasserman

How to Brand Your Property Management Culture in a Millennial World

Abi Wasserman

Abi Wasserman

In a world dominated by Millennials (and Gen Z) talking about hashtags, snaps, and what's trending; it's hard to keep up with what you need to do to stay on top of your own social media game. Your social media should tie your brand to your website. I'll break down this strategy into simple steps you can follow. In the end you’ll be showing us millennials a thing or two.

Abi Wasserman

Growing Your Business By Extending the Life Cycle of Your PM Clients

Jennifer Stoops

Abi Wasserman

Tenants Vacating, Maintenance Issues, Vacant Homes, Owner Attrition...how can you extend the life cycle of your clients?

Jennifer will show what they have done to extend the life cycle of their owners, tenants and vendors. From customer service, to value adds, to your internal operations, you can create ways that are little or no cost to your organization but are game changers for your clients.

Brian Birdy

The Fundamentals of
Sustainable Growth

Brian Birdy

Brian Birdy

Creating long-term growth with limited resources is a huge challenge for Property Managers. In this session we will look at the fundamental steps you can take to create growth and sustain growth.

Brad Larsen

Generate More Company Revenue Now!

Brad Larsen

Brian Birdy

Brad shares some of the ways that you can increase your company revenue. Learn what other companies are doing around instituting new tenant fees, owner revenue streams, vendor fees, and even ancillary stand alone businesses - all while providing additional value. Just one idea can make you thousands of dollars.


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Day 2 - Implementation Day

Day 2 is an optional day where you can select up to 4 speakers to meet with in a small group setting. This will give you face time with the speaker to customize and begin to implement what you learned on Day 1. The videos below will give you preveiw of each speakers Day 2 session. To register for Day 2, click the blue 'Day 2' box, download the registraton form and follow the instructions.

Dave Borden - Day 2 Session - Pulling Back The Curtain 3

Marc Cunningham - Day 2 Session - Pulling Back The Curtain 3

Abi Wasserman - Day 2 Session - Pulling Back The Curtain 3

Brian Birdy - Day 2 Session - Pulling Back The Curtain 3

Brad Larsen - Day 2 Session - Pulling Back The Curtain 3


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